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Weekly Holy Moly Report March 3rd 2016

How to Ultimate Bait Cooler Weekly Report

We finally pressed into the month of March and the rains are continuing to find us here this spring.  Rivers are fishable one day and not the next.  When you find a fishable river, you will find your fish.  Unfortunately for me, I have had a bad streak of guide trip rain outs this year.  The beauty of our great sport is however that even though a day or trip gets rained out, there are things one can do to be ready for when the weather breaks in our favor.  

One great way to get yourself prepared is to organize.  This week lets look at a great how to rainy day video for organizing and making the ultimate bait cooler.

Here is the YouTube video

The Ultimate Bait cooler will help you get geared up for any type of fishing.  A fun and easy way yo utilize the great products at Holdzit.  Crossing fingers for stable weather this weekend and just in time for chasing chrome.  God Bless and Fish on!



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