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Weekly Holy Moly Report Lake Chelan March 5th 2016

Holy Moly Outdoors Lake Chelan Kokanee Weekly Report

What a busy week!  So excited to share this last weekend's trip.  I was finally able to get out on the water with my dad, and what a better place to travel to than Lake Chelan.  We packed up the sled for it's first trip for 2016 and first with all the new gear installed.  Big time excitement.  We got to the launch as the sun was peeking through the clouds.  I had to stop to just take it all in: The beauty of the scenery, being with my dad, new boat, and the thrill of chasing kokanee.  

We quickly motored to a good area, and soon were finding the fish.  First pass in and 5 minutes fishing, first blood for the new boat!

Then a short time later boom!

We focused most of our attention near the Monument area by the lake chelan state park.  Focusing on the 100-200ft range to find the fish in 400ft of water.  Varying speeds between 1.0-1.7 was giving us the most consistent bites.  As for gear, I was trying out the newest flashers on the market from Money maker products pictured above called the mini Leo flasher.  This paired up with a custom pink brads mini 3.0 cutplug 3ft behind tipped with cured corn was the go to rigging.  The new velocity Ninja and fiberglass rods performed spectacularly.  Very excited to run these this season.

Fishing at the depths of 100ft plus does pose its own challenges and we encountered that.  You have the opportunity to lose more fish.  We hooked a lot, but could not keep them on.  But it isn't always about the catching.  

Found my downrigger battery was draining fast, so we opted to troll the shorelines to see if a big rainbow or cutty would come to play, but not such luck.  However we did have a couple nice visitors.

Overall I think the trip was a great success.  Got to work out some of the kinks in the gear layout, quality time spent with my dad, and a few nice fish to bring home.  Doesn't get any better.

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