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About Us

About Us

Holy Moly Outdoors LLC is a small faith based company with a love and passion for the outdoors.  While fairly new to the public in the last year, Holy Moly has been a work in progress for close to 4 years now.  Originating on the shores of Pyramid Lake in Nevada my idea came home to the Northwest with a new found appreciation and drive to be something different.  That idea was to not only share my love for the outdoors with others, but incorporating God as a part of it.  While being a Christian company I understand and respect that not everyone that I deal with shares in the same beliefs, but with that said I feel I wouldn't be in this position today if it wasn't for Him.

I (Rick) love to fish for anything and everything.  I am always trying to learn new techniques and ways to better my own fishing knowledge as well as what I share with others.  From conventional salmon and steelhead, to fly fishing warm and saltwater, there isn't a fish that I won't chase.  The Northwest provides the best opportunity to live this dream, and everyday is a chance to take advantage of it.

Our Products

 Recently with the growing popularity and demand we now have Holy Moly Outdoors apparel available.  These items were put together to not only share what Holy Moly is about, but to allow our fans to show their support on the water.  With hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts available you will be able to find something stylish and comfortable for your next outing.

Our Location

Holy Moly is located right in the heart of the Northwest, with prime fishing right in our back yard.  Freshwater, saltwater, lakes and rivers all within driving distance makes for some fantastic opportunities.  Not to mention chances to travel to bucket list destinations in our region as well.  What a better area for Holy Moly to start and grow.

God Bless,

Rick Denham

Holy Moly Outdoors, LLC