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New Hyper Shrimp Jigs

$ 4.00
Want a realistic shrimp jig for salmon, trout and Steelhead?  Look for further than our new Hyper Shrimp.  A cutting-edge steelhead lure designed for unparalleled success. Crafted with advanced materials and realistic shrimp aesthetics, this jig mimics natural prey to entice even the most elusive steelhead. Its hypervis tape features and...

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Holy Moly Lures

Our Mission

Holy Moly Outdoors LLC is a small business with a love for Fishing, God, and the Outdoors.  At Holy Moly we are here to share the love of this great sport through videos, articles, and on the water encounters.  All the while, keeping God at the forefront.  Thank you for stopping by, God Bless.

-Rick Denham

-Owner Holy Moly Outdoors LLC