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Weekly Holy Moly Report July 31st: Lake Wenatchee Sockeye

Holy Moly Outdoors Lake Wenatchee Sockeye Velocity Weekly Report

Back at it again for another go round of sockeye fishing as we took the short jump over the mountains to Lake Wenatchee.  This was one of those humbling trips you hate to experience but help you learn a lot.  We started off launching at 4am at the Glacier Peak campground, weather was perfect (hot forecast for the day and no wind).  Perfect timing to get on the fish. Right from the start we were marking good schools and anticipation grew with each minute of rods slamming.  We saw other boats near us finding some biters but we could not find any out of what we were marking.  60-70ft seemed to be the concentrated depths but still no takers.  Changing speeds and a sharp turn finally got us a bite but came off halfway to the surface.  Dang 0-1

8am rolled around and we had to drop off my buddy to head to work, then we were back to it.  With 1 bite for 3-3.5 hours of fishing we decided to move spots down lake and out of the big crowds.  We found a couple isolated schools on the same 60ft line we had the bite earlier.  Still running the "0" size chrome dodger and red hooks 10" back.  About 20 minutes into the troll we find a good school and bam!  Rod slams down.  Cita takes the rod and I work on getting the rigger up.  I look over and the other rod slams down, double!!  This became a fire drill given there was still two lines off the back we had to avoid.  But we managed the chaos and put two nice fish on ice.

Both fish put up a great fight on the Velocity Rods, I have been so pleased with their performance in all areas and species targeted.  

We ended up getting 2 other takedowns that didn't stick.  Sometimes that is just how it goes.  The wind kicked up in a hurry so we headed back for the launch.  I am determined to redeem myself in this lake very soon.  This weekend might be it, who knows where we might end up.  Good fishing reports are coming in from all over the state, and good weather to go along with it.  Hope everyone gets a chance to get out and enjoy the weekend.  Stay tuned...Fish on!


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