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Holy Moly Weekly Report July 5th 2018

Holy Moly Outdoors is always on the move.  Searching new waters to fish, new species to chase, or trying something new entirely.  We want to give you a first hand look at what we are up to.  On the water, in the field and in the classroom, we want to keep you informed.  Stay tuned for this weeks report! 

Holy Moly Weekly Report July 5th 2018

Hello everyone and a happy July to all! Hope you had an amazing 4th with you family and friends.  Summer brings about so many great opportunities for fisheries to open and species to target.  From Crabbing in the sound, to salmon and steelhead in our rivers.  You can look at a map of the northwest and find some great things to go and do.  I wanted to touch base on a couple of these opportunities and showcase what I like to do this time of year.

Crabbing in Puget Sound can be such a great time.  Simple to do and so rewarding when it all comes together.  We are in the first week of the opener and crabbing is off to a great start.  Dropping pots from 60 to 100ft of water will put you in a great position for getting some keepers to bring home.  You want to be sure to weight your pots and ropes appropriately so to not only catch as many as you can but to also be safe and not have your pots drift away.  I will be providing a video here soon of a basic folding pot setup and how to get ready.

Bass fishing in the summer has become a new favorite of mine and no time is better than the present to get out and throw some top water for them.  These fish are aggressive and on the bite.  Which makes for some awesome action and visual displays.  I love fishing frog style baits as they allow to really fish anywhere you want.  Over weeds, Lilly pads, open water etc, and the fish cannot leave them alone.  I am making a larger effort this summer to get out on the warm evenings and chase these big boys and girls.



Sockeye are another great summer time fun fishery that are beginning to show in a number of places.  The Columbia River gets a nice push of fish this time of year and the upper stretches when open to them, can be fast and furious fishing.  You can take a look at our recent few videos on our Youtube to see how to get ready for them.  Baker lake is another fun fishery set to open this weekend.  Bigger than average fish roam here and the scenery will take you breath away.  This is definitely a fishery to experience.  There will be lots of info coming soon to getting get up for these fisheries as well.

Certainly we cannot forget about summer steelhead this time of year.  The chrome rockets are milling around in many of our northwest rivers.  As summer flows begin to rear themselves this creates new and fun challenges for the conventional and fly fisherman alike.  Hard fighting, acrobatic, and electric chrome fish are what any fisherman dreams of.  Be sure to keep steelhead in your mind this summer and you wont be sorry.

Thanks for tuning in for the Weekly Holy Moly Outdoors Report.  Stay tuned for more information and reports on the latest happenings here at Holy Moly.  God Bless and Fish On!



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