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Holy Moly Weekly Report April 16th and 17th: Lake Chelan Kokanee Derby Day 2

Holy Moly Outdoors Kokanee Lake Chelan Kokanee Weekly Report

Day two saw another absolutely perfect day on the water.  Flat calm and clear, which meant for a great time.  We got on the water at 4am and began searching for schools of fish.  We learned from the day before that a lot of the fish on the top 60ft of water were generally the 10-12" fish, we wanted to target the bigger kokanee and that meant targeting deep.  We set up two rods middle of the water column at about 80ft and our deep rods at 100-160ft.  Right away we got a few small fish in the boat.  Then the deep rod went off with a good fish at 180ft.  After getting it close to the surface it looked like another king but this time a little smaller.  Unfortunately the hook came out just before we got it in the boat.
We found a few more kokanee as the sun hit the water but soon after the boat pressure on where we were was getting heavy.  This shut off the fish and caused the bite to die for us.  So given the short time window, we decided to go chase some cutthroat again to get our limits and then give time to see if we can find any more kokanee.  I have to say I am very impressed with the amount of cutthroat we found over the derby.  Every rocky shoreline seemed to be full of them and kept the action going.  We even got a surprise smallmouth.  All on Wicked lures spinners.  Such a blast on the ultra light rods
We were able to get our cutthroat limit for the boat and made it back to the launch for the final weigh in.  Even though we didn't place for the kokanee, we were able to still put fish in the boat and have fun doing it.  That is what it is all about.  What a fun derby to participate in and great atmosphere.  Thank you everyone who helped put this together, I cannot wait to get back there for next year.

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