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Holy Moly Weekly Report March 25th 2016: Pre-spawn Bass

Spring is here!  Weather is warming up, days are getting longer and the Bass are starting to get into Pre-spawn mode.  For me this is a whole new ball game.  I haven't done a lot of Bass specific fishing in my lifetime, but it has always been something I wanted to do more of.  This year, I made a choice to learn more and do more of it.  What an awesome adventure this trip was!  I met my good buddy Matt at a new lake (a more shallow productive body of water from what we read up on) and we were off to target these pre-spawn fish.  Jig fishing was the main choice of the day as the fish are just beginning to stage near spawning areas.  We got in the S.S. Redhook and were off to explore.


We found this lake to be absolutely stuffed with good looking structure.  A lot of trees, grass and emerging lilly pads, the perfect pre-spawn bass habitat in shallow water.  We worked our way to the Northwest corner of the lake and found a feeder creek and warmer water.  And once we found the right conditions and structure there were a few willing biters.  While not in quantity this trip, the quality for the first bass of 2016 was great!  First fish came on a 1/2oz All Terrain black/blue jig with and Xfactor Tackle Bass slayer as a trailer.  Across the lake from where I caught the first fish, we found a big sunken tree.  2 casts in right next to a limb I hit the second bass, a really healthy fish.





Over all a couple really nice fish for my first 2016 bass action.  I learned a lot on this trip and will keep doing so as we progress through the season.  I cannot wait to get out here as the water warms up.  Water temperatures started about 47 degrees and shot up to almost 55-56 in some spots.  This is going to start calling fish into the shallows.  Time to get your jigs ready and go chase some lunkers.  Good luck out there!

If you want to see some of the video footage we captured on this trip check out the video link below!

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