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Holy Moly KCP Superbait Rigging Kit

$ 25.00
The Brad's Kokanee Cut Plug Superbait has been a very popular and effective lure for kokanee and other species once it hit the market.  I love fishing them and rightfully so they produce!  One of the things that I feel helps add to their effectiveness is a little modification.  Luckily you do not need to go through the trial and error or hassel as I already took care of that.  What I am referring to is the hook setup.  When you buy a new KCP superbait they either come pre-rigged with one bait or non-rigged and two baits.  No matter which I chose I cut the standard rigging off and tie on my rigging.  All you have to do is open the box grab a rig, slide the KCP on the leader and tie on a snap swivel.  All the guess work is taken out.  You can get to fishing faster and less hassel with this kit.

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